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This Performance Piece is conceived as the second part in the collective work Emergency!. This is a « work in progress » which uses my performative structure – the Egg. This is made up of PVC tubes creating a frame similar to the DNA double helix. Each tube contains 2 bands of LED lights, one colored the other white.

The audience discover computer keys that refer to the names of emotions On choosing to press these a « leap motion » system creates light patterns on the egg structure, which in turn affects my movements. The Egg, initially an allegory of a cocoon, becomes with Exit, the experimental cage for a new dialogue seen between the audience and myself. The goal is to let the audience believe that they can influence my movements; in reality they are unaware that the sequence of movements is governed by a pre-set patterns that I had previously created for each emotion. This power game between us upsets the preconceived concept of who is dominant or dominated and provokes a disorientation and loss of security.

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