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2014 - Fréderic Elkaim, contemporary art historien, Paris

My dear Isabelle,

I would like to thank you and tell you of my joy yesterday when participating in your Performance Piece. Your presence is an art itself in the way that you reflect things that are invisible, but vital... In the experience, one can truly say that "less is more". Thank you and wishing you success in the future.

2016 - Abraham Brody, artist, musician, London

Isabelle Derigo is a truly unique artist who's intuition and talents for deep  exploration lead her to reveal important truths about human relationships, the body, and the psyche. 

2015 - Daniel Grataloup, Artist, architect, art teacher, Genev

Isabelle Derigo, this name resonates like an echo between two worlds. The world of consciousness and the world of art. To experience a performance with Isabelle Derigo, is to begin to conquer a beautiful world of magic and purity. It is also to live within a dense and unknown body. It is an artistic experience and an experience of life. 

2016 - Johanna Thea, Artist, London 

In your performances I feel each time the human connection which is woven between the two of us. Instead of feeling vulnerable because of your often intimate and extreme actions, I feel more protected and nourished. In fact, this has changed me in a way that I had not conceived. It has freed me and made me understand what is important is what we have inside and how we live this.

2016 - Vittorio Bizzozero, psychologist, writer, geneva


Isabelle! Isla Bella is the title of a Cuban song that says "Regreso a la cuna que vio nacer" - "I'm coming back to the cradle where I was born." With Isabelle the space and time measured by science are broken so that we can venture deep into the dust of our being. We break our so-called identity to feel what escapes the mirrors. The appearance collapses to leave room for the unknown of ourselves. During her performances all my supposed knowledge evaporates and a cloud of little quivering points sets in motion like a whirlwind that moves me away from my center to make me gravitate around a luminous point. I give up studying nature, I do one with her.

2017 - Brian Mattson, psychologist, United-states

Isabelle, the gift of your art is to take people on a journey of feeling, highlighting human needs and assumptions. Deep learning and transformation comes through a felt sense and experience. Your ability to maintain the art as your Self make this possible. We learn so much in the discomfort. The degree of intimacy you propose is deeply provocatif. When things are not what they seem or what we desire them to be, we have a dilemma and opportunity to see ourselves more clearly. Experiencing your art makes people more deeply human. I am appreciative and grateful that your work joins so beautifully mine. Well done Isabelle.