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This is Isabelle’s first ever social and political work. 365 is an anniversary Performance Piece about the many consequences of Covid-19 that have impacted the world’s social and economic situation since March 2020.


The video is in a fixed position, giving us a close-up of the artist's portrait. Isabelle is dressed in a white shirt and wears a red blind fold on which are drawn two question marks in the place of eyes. The artist is seated, giving us the sense of an interrogator. Behind, standing in black, is a figure, which reinforces the sense of power. On the back wall there are numbers written on blue paper tape arranged on the wall. We are not conscious of these at the beginning nor end of the piece. The authoritarian figure removes each number and passes them in front of the artist's face who takes the pieces of blue tape and puts them over her mouth.


The Performance Piece lasts 1hour 30minutes, time to subject the artist to each piece of tape, for each day of obedience, fear, mistreatment, hope, anger, division, lies... until the feeling of "too much" starts to be felt.

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