First social and political engagement in Isabelle's work, 365 is an anniversary Performance Piece about the many consequences of Covid-19 that weights on the human, social and economic situations of the world since March 2020.

The video is fixed in a close-up allowing only to see the artist's portrait in white shirt and wearing a red blind folder on which are inscribe two question marks instead of the eyes. She is sitting giving the sens of an interrogatory. Behind her, standing in black, the figure of a power is reinforced by the presence on the wall in the background of numbers written on blue paper tape which we ignore the beginning and the end. The authoritarian figure take off each number and pass them in front of the artist's face who takes the pieces of blue paper tape that are given to her and put them herself on her mouth.

The Performance Piece last 1h30, the time to subject the artist to each pieces of tape for each day of obedience, fear, mistreating, hope, angriness, division, lies... until the "too much" start to be felt.