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Virgin Transposition

plastico gallery-greece-2020

The Performance Piece Virgin Transposition is so far the most intimate ritual in Isabelle Derigo's work..

She is here referring to the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which consist of repairing broken pottery with powdered gold. This action of repair, as part of its history, brings to the object even a higher  value. 


During the performance, the audience is invited to express there broken parts on the black canvas using tools as scissors or cuter while, from the other side, Isabelle is sawing the symbolized wounds with a golden threat. Everyone can stay connected in front of her as long as they want during the time she is proceeding of the healing and the experience can be repeated as much as needed. The performance is over when there is no one left in front of the fabric and when the wounds are all repaired.


Not only, giving this allegoric possibility of scarring is extremely powerful for the audience but it allows also Isabelle to embody a gesture of healing that counts a lot in her work about the feminine.

With the title she is even pushing the reference to the art of hymenoplasty and the clitoral plasty also call transposition.


Behind the evident poetry of this Performance, Isabelle keeps interrogating the misplacing and the mistreating women are still facing in the 21 Century wether they undergo it or they inflict it to themselves.


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