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Iconic Mantra is a Performance Piece on the subject of identity, my partner Salvatore Cultrera and I chose to approach this in a humorous way, nevertheless we also pose the very serious, infinite question;Who am I ?
This more complex than our personal perception on who we think we are.
What if our simple daily actions mean more to the world ?
What if the point of view we have about ourselves can change our definition ?
What if, in fact, we are all the superheroes of our lives!

The performance starts with a short video, a re-edit from the renowned monologue on superheroes by the actor David Carradine (RIP) in the movie Kill Bill 2. This is followed by a list of names and a video depicting simple daily tasks, which are projected onto the wall of a small church in the village of Sikinos, in Greece The performers, wearing black face masks, walk in a circle and pronounce each name with the conscious mantra: I am a superhero.
The Audience is welcome to join in, and participate saying their own names.

The choice of the church wall as the setting for the circular walk with candles adds to our opinion that there is something very sacred in each one of us.

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