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KILL ME Inside

In this Performance Piece I discard my red, high, heeled shoes from my previous work, Moi-Femme… Moi-Peau, to explore the fragility behind the attributes of a constructed personality.

I lay under the same imitation leather carpet, imprinted with a photo of my skin, bordered with both my hair and that of my mother’s, creating a generational continuity.  Each person, in turn, is invited to take off their shoes, enter the space, which is small and dark, made up of four walls of wood, and walk on me. In finding my slight body on the ground, the public have no choice, but to step over me.

Kill Me Inside by using the body explores the relationship of dominance and vulnerability as seen in the notion of the vertical and the horizontal. These explorations, at the same time, address the arrogant behavior that mankind often has towards the earth, which in reality is its Mother-Earth.

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