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Moi-Femme... Moi-Peau

Orisa studio-Geneva-2014


The exhibition Moi-Femme… Moi-Peau is composed of art pieces telling my journey in order for the audience to be ready to enter into my skin. First of all seen as an eroticized woman, the journey continues more and more on a sacred path.

In order for the public to enter the exhibition, has to pass through the imitation leather, which is suspended vertically and is imprinted with a picture of my skin. The exhibition starts in my intimacy with three videos on a screen call Moi-Peau. This video work also comes from the street performances I made in New York, in 2013 and that will give birth to Moi-Ghost. In addition, six feminine archetypical self-portraits are framed in little american wooden boxes. The limited size of those boxes encourage the public to look inside themselves in order to find their own archetypes. Going two by two those self-portraits reveal the duality hidden in one’s personality.

The sculpture, Forgiveness, alludes to the healing journey on the sacred path and the freestanding sculpture, Recognition, represents the end goal.

Skin Carpet|Exhibition|Moi-Femme...Moi-Peau| Orisa studio 2014| Satigny Switzerland| Isabelle Derigo| Contemporary performance artist
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