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mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all...

syros town hall - 2021

Isabelle Derigo is for the first time exhibiting work from her new artistic treatise: Poubellisme.

To counter the production of more “matter”, Poubellism uses discarded material that does not add to more consumption. The passing of time is in Poubellism as in performance a direct tool in the creative process and shapes the material itself to reveal true beauty, the essence of all things, which links human beings to the Spirit. Poubellism manifests the innate beauty that endures beyond all appearances, a vision of the eternal life, and thus enables our universal consciousness to prevail.


Isabelle guides the spectator towards this deeper definition of beauty by making them discover the hidden meaning of things; a diversion from our everyday life that reflects the subtle balance between strength and vulnerability. Throughout the exhibition, Isabelle invites us to interact with the works. First, we are exposed to polystyrene parts, old protective packaging from household appliances etc. Transitioning from their robust prior use, they become fragile when fashioned into mirrors. The new meaning given to these polystyrenes thus allow visitors to frame their reality. By looking at the space around these, directly through their reliefs, this creates the need to go beyond the surface. The artist then invites us to participate in our universal consciousness through the revolutionary act of letting us choose pieces of waste that she has collected on the beach, in order to place them on a huge sculpture, a communal work, a glorious pedestal of eternal beauty. Discarded water bottles, structured like crystal sculptures, are placed on glass or a mirror, and balanced on another bottle. As in a meditative game, this poses the question of the balance between what is useful and what is not any more. The precious water contained in these bottles, now consumed, removes the container's worth; a metaphor unfortunately applied to human beings who after a certain age or following an accident or even a pregnancy are no longer considered to be useful to society.

Contrary to what one might think, Poubellism is not an art of the object, it is a process of consciousness, which repeats ad infinitum. This exhibition is an interactive presence; experiences to live and think about.

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