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best buy and best buy revisited

los angeles-denver-2017

BEST BUY is confronting our values and straddle our boundaries. As a fashion lover myself, I find fascinating how it became a total star system in itself that can achieve amazing prices.

The Performance Piece is taking place during the fashion week at a fashion show in Los Angeles where I have been invited to perform again in Denver. The whole Performance Piece is about 20 minutes and the audience has not being worn about it.

For each outfit, I build a story about it including a brand name related to a star name that has been supposed to worn it, when the clothing is actually mine. At the same time, I show images of magazine to accurate my words. I then completely cut the piece on stage and directly on the model before framing and signing it. Giving to the clothing a second life as a Contemporary Art Piece, I finally ask the audience how much they think it worth now.

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