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FAB Gallerie-Santa Monica-2017

Throughout time, the doll has held a symbolic and sacred meaning to become, in the 60s, an object of fantasy and an archaetype for both adults and children. The Doll in being consumable and sexual, reveals the superficiality of a restricted relationship. And despite the technological advances, the doll, almost seventy years later, remains an object of fantasy and « fake » believe.

Confronting the history and symbolism, surrounding the Doll, the Performance Piece LOVEmachineINSIDE, denounce the abusive behavior against the feminine gender and gives back to the doll its primeval sacred level, leading the audience to an intimacy, both overriding and disarming. 

The Performance Piece takes place in an erotical night atmosphere. One is being pushed into the arms of the Doll-Woman that is manually winds by rotating the crown in her back.

The countdown starts for 3 minutes of love.

LOVEmachienINSIDE has been reedited in 2019 to participate to the performance art festival

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