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Kill Me Inside

In the exhibition Kill Me Inside the central black space is for the Performance Piece. This space contains two photographs against a black backdrop: Kill Me Inside and Take Me Away. The outside space is white and contains several pieces like Keep It Alive. This is a collage of real foaming mousse on the same imitation leather material imprinted with a picture of my skin that I use to cover myself in the Performance Piece. This work paradoxically in its title catches the attention of the audience when entering the exhibition and already points to the positive issue of the battle about to be played during the Performance. There are also two collages of the 70s Peace and Love sign made from black and white feathers. In the two respective centers of those works, there is a figure an "earth-woman", and an "earth-skin", a map of the world covered in skin, showing the similarity that I give to all that is living. The freestanding sculpture, Belonging, shows us with its real human size the equivocally assimilation of  the feminine energy and nature.

Sculpture| Appartenance| exhibition| Kill Me Inside| Gallery L 2015| Geneva Switzerland| Isabelle Derigo| contemporary performance artist

Appartenance, sculpture technique mixte, 180x54cm, 1/2 

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