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Mandalas And moi

la Primaire gallery-2010

Mandala is a Sanskrit term which signifies a circle and by extension the environment, community.

The symbol of the geometric forms of a mandala is a bridge to the divine. The mandala represents the abundance of the cosmic order. It is like the egg, one of the fundamental models for the organization of the cycle of life and the creative force of the universe, from the infinitely great to the infinitely small. The rose windows in western culture, Celtic symbols, the astronomical calendars of the Incas in Peru as well as the dream catchers of native people are also expressions of this. For Carl Jung it was also a universal archetypical form.

Attracted by the deep meditative effect of mandalas and greatly inspired by aboriginal art in Australia, I unite the two in order to make exaltation with kaleidoscopic effects.

Painting|Exhibition|Mandala and Moi| La Primaire Gallery 2010|Conches Switzerland|Isabelle Derigo|contemporary performance artist

Acrylic paint 60x60 cm

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