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orisa studio - 2014

This Performance Piece is based on the study of "Moi-Peau" by the psychologist Didier Anzieu and  is an invitation to step into the skin of a woman: mine.

On arriving, the public have to pass through a vertically hung piece of “skin”, imitation leather, on which is imprinted a photo of my skin, with my hair sewn like tassels. The audience finds themselves facing me totally enveloped in a white, elastic material, like the membrane of the uterus. I am  clothed only in two iconic sexy attributes: high heeled red shoes and a beige raincoat. One person at a time slides under the uterine membrane, their back facing me. The elasticity of the membrane renders walking very intimate, as if our bodies were glued one to the other. I take their hands; I place them on their belly and through my abdominal breath against their body I make them aware of theirs. Under the surface, the notion of the sacred feminine is revealed.

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