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Yantra a Fragmented Totality

The exhibition, Yantra a Fragmented Totality, includes photographs referring to the three principal feelings (love, hate and anxiety); these are transmuted in the performance. The photographs were taken during a previous performance with the artist Abraham Brody. They are displayed on all the gallery walls as a continual graph, symbolizing the union of the feminine and masculine elements in the Creation. The undergarments that we are wearing are also exposed but only visible when viewed close up as through a little "Duchampian" hole in the wall.

The complete diagram A Fragmented of Totality comprises of 105 photographs, 10x15cms in an edition of 3. Each photograph is A Fragement of Totality also available under plexi 40x60 cms in an edition of 5.

Photography|Yantra A Fragment of Totality Love/Love| Exhibition| andata.ritorno 2016|Geneva Switzerland|Isabelle Derigo Abraham Brody| artists of contemporary performance art

A Fragment of Totality - Love / Love

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