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Invited to the first edition of LIF Festival, digital art festival and performance, on the island of Sikinos, in Greece, I worked with my partner Salvatore Cultrera on the theme of memory. In the ruins of an abandoned house, we made a video based on photographs that we had previously manually aged.


For the performance, in the central square of the village, we projected on the white wall of the church, the video containing our photographs. Standing in front of this wall inside a white elastic fabric, I moved slowly to restore body to the projected photos that appeared to be present in three dimensions. Salvatore accompanies my movements with his guitar and sings at the end the chorus of the song, Endless Kiss, which we wrote and composed at the time of the shooting of the photos.


My presence in the fabric both in and in front of the video as well as the presence of two children mixed with old photographs in the decor of this ruined house sow confusion between what is past and present. A poem that still speaks of the fundamental question of our identity this time through memory.

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