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regardez-vous. cela suffit

Promenade des Anglais-Nice-France-2019

Regardez-vous, cela suffit  (Watch Yourself, That's All) is an interpretation of the Performance Piece by the artist Ben in the 60', Regardez moi, cela suffit (Watch Me, That's All). He simply sat with this sign on his legs in the famous promenade of the English in Nice to say that everything is art


At the time today where consciousness are awakening larger, my intent is to grow the idea in everyone that we are everything.

Regardez-vous, cela suffit brings back the gaz on ourselves instead of others and engage the observer to participate and take full responsibility of his choices.

Wanting to add a politique interpretation, I have realised this performance in May 2023, in front of Syros island's Town Hall, in Greece, the day of a national election. (see video 2)  

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