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The exhibition of Moi-Ghost presents self-portraits photographs taken in New York, in 2013. Conceived as street performances, the photographs of these are exhibited on the gallery walls circling the installation of gauze curtains in the middle of which I perform. On these photographs, I am enveloped by an elastic, transparent material, like a second, insulating skin giving me a ghostly feel.

The titles refer to the name of the place where the photographs were taken to further increase the anonimity of the self-portraits and to only identify  the town.

The photographs are framed under 4mm of plexi glass, measuring 120x80cm and available in a limited edition of 50.


Photography New York| Exhibition|Moi-Ghost| Fonderie Kugler 2016|Geneva Switzerland|Isabelle Derigo| Contemporary performance artist

Moi-Ghost - Brooklyn

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