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Alive Memory

The story of a memory, the intimacy of a recollection, the timelessness of a season ...

One season is exactly the time we needed, myself and the musicien Salvatore Cultrera, to realize this narration that we chose to present as a collection of photographic memories, in a10x15 inches format.


We aged our personal photos with traditional techniques based on fire, lemon, black tea, salt water, sun and an oven, to give them a texture of old photos.

This transformation facilitates the encounter with the other when the boundaries of the personnel reach out towards the universal. This intimate body reveals itself subtly without imposing, easy to appropriate, raising the question of memory as a dominant factor in our identity.


For the Performance, we filmed these photos amongst the rubble found in an abandoned house in order to later project these on my moving body accompanied by Salvatore’s guitar.

 Whilst the photos are given a 3 dimensionality on the screen, we hear in the video parts of sentences from the lyrics of the song, Endless Kiss that we wrote and composed at the same time as taking the photos.

This text is transcribed in gold letters on the wooden frames of the original aged prints.


We also worked on a special series of 13 prints representing a selection of the original photos put in the context of the abandoned film venue, which today is closed and totally inaccessible for security reasons.


The fundamental question is of identifying with the emotional charge of our memories?

unnamed (2).jpg

Alive Memory, print of originale aged photography 10x15, fine art paper 20x30, 1/5

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